Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WoW Wonderful Finds Wednesday!

I know the Internet is HUGE... I am on (as well as numerous others) and it seems endless. Finding something just right can get stressful. I am here to help reduce the stress.
So finding great items and at a great price is what I have found for you!

I started off with a wonderful team (CIC) but now I am finding other great deals and items too. I am on many sites so let me do the work for you.
The CIC Team are in Alphbetical order- I like organization- lol

If you would like a item that is beautiful as well as functional these shops are for you!

My first wonderful shop is a great CIC Team Member- RachaelsGarden- Birdhouses, Prints or Ornaments this one is for you!

How cute would this look in your yard. Not only look good but functional so a wonderful bird family could move in too! Look at all the detail on these birdhouses! Yes, this CIC member can do custom work. Just send her a convo to see.

I have had my eye on this one. It gets sold then I see another... Wow how cute would this look in your childs bathroom! This is just ONE of my favorites in this shop!

This would be so wonderful for the children is school sports! Yes, again she can do custom ornaments! This would be a keeper until they have their own kids. Beautiful.

This shops name may sound familiar. You may have seen her on Twitter or even her Blog 

My next wonderful shop I found is one i have been a fan of for a long time now- WhatsHerName- I love her shop name as well as items in her shop! This shop has beautiful hair accessories, aromatherapy, cards by her son & MORE!

These are just a few of my favorite very affordable items!

Look at this beautiful hairbow. I can tell you from experience that YES these yo-yo's and hair clips DO stay in your hair. I have thick and heavy hair and I LOVE my NSCU's yo-yo's! You can too. With these prices you can buy one for you and one for everyone in your family!

Yes I have some of these too. I have had bath salts (which were wonderful) and a great herbal tea bag. I still have this. Instead of making tea with it I use it when I feel stressed. Smelling the mint really calms me and peps me up.

These wonderful cards are created by the sellers youngest son. He is a wonderful young man. He has "abilities and disabilities" and loves to create the great looking cards for many occassions!

You may also know WhatsHerName from Twitter or even Face Book

Now for my last wonderful shop with Great items, another CIC Team Member~ SoapyBlessings- This shop has some wonderfully FUN soaps! Fresh & Fruity, Oriental & Spicy and Earthy & Fresh are just a few that can be found here.

Not only does this soap have a fun and crazy name but is a double duty soap! This is just one of the Fresh & Fruity Soaps for you to choose from!

This would make a wonderful Bridal soap or for any occassion! Wonderful combination of  warm, exotic, sensual. If you like this one there are some more where I found this.

I love aromatherapy and I love this soap. Cucumber really gives me a fresh energized feeling. This is perfect for not just the guest bathroom but the whole house! Also there are some great sales going on in this shop right now!

Yes, you probably do know this shop from Twitter and/or Face Book

I hope you enjoyed these WoW Wonderful Wednesday Finds! If you are looking for something special, please let me know and I will see if I can find it for you.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Magnificent Monday Marvels

Wow, did I find some great CIC items for you this Monday! These are not just your everyday finds! Enjoy! These CIC Shops can be found at out CIC Team Etsy Shop also.

First up: LindaButterfly- Art, Cards, Bookmarks, Mouse pads and MORE!
You may also know her work from art in her other shop LindaCaterpillar also.

I LOVE her cards. There is one for almost any occassion. They are fun and can be framed and become something one can pass down to a loved one.

Why not make your favorite LindaButterfly or LindaCaterpillar art into a mouse pad! This makes a great gift by the way.

I know when I am reading a book a great bookmark can make it so much more enjoyable. My bookmarks take me to MY place so I can really relax and read in MY Quiet place.

My next shop that I found Magnificent Finds was- MarysMaids- Mermaids, Good Karma Maids & Mouthy Bags

If you are looking for something different to give for a gift (Wedding, Holiday...) This is the shop! Everyting I see this Mermaid I wish I knew someone getting married! This wouls be so perfect!

This next one is great because sometimes you need something to hold on to to just get you through the day.

I LOVE these new items in MaryMaids shop! Such a wonderful Find here!

My last great shop that I found some awesome finds is- Mrs13- Handmade Afghans, Bear, Doilies & so much more!
This was a hard shop as well to choose just 3 good finds.

Oh how I wish my baby brother and his wife were having a girl! I have always LOVED this little bear. Perfect for and little angel!

Don't tell anyone but I have this on MY list. I love to have my bog catch all bag organized and this is just perfect!

Now for me anytime I lay down I HAVE to have a blanket (or Afghan). I think I get it from my dad-lol But it is nice having a throw at arms length. This one caught my eye.

So how did I do. Leave your feedback below. I love these shops and love all the items. Please go check out the shops and see what you might find as your favorites.

If you have any questions of comments for these CIC team members you can also leave them a convo on etsy. Enjoy your day!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Great Finds for you!

Boy, have I found some goodies for you today!

First Up: ExpressionaByCheree - Here you will find many cute things at a great price.
Some of my favorites were the Bookmarks, Cell phone charms and these Bobbie pins.

Purple Paradise Bookmark

Do you or someone you know LOVE to read? How cute would this look keeping one's place. Or you know how you always have those books that you would love to read over and over? You can keep your bookshelf looking great when you have these accenting your books!

Icy Blue Cell Phone Charm

Now a days a cell phone isn't just for talking. You can give your phone a little bling and make it easier to find with these Cell Phone Charms.

Pink, Black and White Hair Pins

These have always caught my eye. I remember using Bobbie pins to keep up those loose hairs. Now you can add a wow factor while pinning your hair up.

You may know this shop from Twitter or her Blog

Now this next shop I know of what I speak: GoodeGear- Lip Balm, Lotions, Soaps and More!

Island Delight Lip Balm

I know for me, I can't go anywhere without lip balm. I have one in my purse, car, kitchen, table in the den, and an extra on hand just in case! It you use lip balm this is for you! Great smelling balm at a WoW of a price! Really great find here!

Natural Face Lotion

This lotion, and bath set if you choose, is not only great smelling but great for your skin! Did you know I started out doing aromatherapy before the candles took off? Yep, sure did, so again, I know of what I speak!

Dolphin Soap

Do you know what I gave my girls and my nephews for Christmas? Yep, this fun kids soap. I got this one and 4 Dino's! And all are gone! My kids wanted to take a bath everyday and in about 3-4 days they had the animal’s out-lol I had some CLEAN kids. This one is a must for kids and at the low price you can get more than one!

Twitter and Face Book are just two places you can find more on this shop!

This last shop is Great to find a variety of goodies: Kelsilove- This shop has neck warmers, pillows, ceramics and More! Lots to choose from here and yes, Great prices!

Fall/Winter Line Thick Blue and White Cowl

I Love Scarf’s, Cowls, I love them all. So soft and warm. These don't have to be just fall and winter you can wear then on cooler spring days or nights. Wear it to accent your outfit. Shhh It's on Clearance now too!

Small Lime Green Throw Pillow

This is just one of four throw pillows in this shop. It's always nice to have a small pillow to put behind your lower back. It's really wonderful to keep one in your car for long trips or to have for a little picnic!

Flecked Brown Candle Holder

This is the best thing to have when you have small candles! As the candles burns down the wax pools at the bottom of this cute handmade ceramic bowl. Most throw away the excess wax. Did you know you can re burn this wax? Just like tarts. This bowl lets you get the most out of each candle as well as look beautiful!

Does this shop's name sound familiar? You may have come across it on Twitter or her Blog.

As always you can see more of these shops at the Collaborators2 etsy shop.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Great CIC Deals, Great CIC Items, Check CIC out!!

Now I know the Internet is HUGE... I am and it seems endless.
So finding great items and at a great price is what I have found for you!

Starting off with a wonderful team (CIC) but I will be finding other great deals and items too. I am on many sites so let me do the work for you.
These are in Alphbetical order- I like organization- lol

First up is: AntiqueBasketLady- I have known her for over a year. Wow how time flies! I LOVE her shop and yes I have shopped there and bought from her. So I can say with out a doubt her items are very well made and made with pride. Great patterns and items to choose from! You may also know her from Twitter, Face Book, Kaboodle or just around.

Second up is: CandleGuy821- This shop is one you will revisit many times. Donald the candle guy loves to tweek his candles to make them better and better whether it's the color, scent or burning time. In this wonderful shop you will find palm wax candles as well as sandpot candles. And yes, he does make his own sandpots for the candles too! He has served America and protected us for many years and now he likes to create and wow us! You really should read his Blog to get to know him and you will see why anyone who meets him respects and instantly befirends him. This shop has beautiful candles created by a wonderful person. You may also already be familiar with his or his shop through Twitter or Face Book.

My third shop that I LOVE is: ElektraJewelry- This shop has one-of-a kind jewelry that is made with high quality gems and other beads. Each time I enter this shop I just want to stay and buy everything! Each piece is unique,handcrafted, made with semi-precious stones, lampwork beads, sterling silver, gold vermeil and/or copper. This shop has pieces you can keep then later hand down to a daughter or someone special! You also may have run across this shop on Twitter, Face Book or her Blog. You can see more of this shop in on our CIC Blog.

Theses are just a few of my fellow CIC Team Members with great deals and great items! Go see...
Enjoy~ More great deals and items coming!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Local Military Man: I Was Fired Over Duty!

This story reall made me think about what I would want in a Police Department that is protecting us...

  I think the world of all the men & women in the service (active and past). These men & women put their lives and their families lives on the line daily (in was and at home). They come back with physical as well as emotional scars. When someone in the Military is asked to start duty you don't answer "I'll see is I can fit it in" you say with Pride "Yes". So when you come back from serving your country you would think you would have the respect and gratitude of others. Not just the regular everyday American but others who put their lives on the line as well, The Pineville Police Department.

  I have always felt the Pineville, PD really have their stuff together. There hasn't been Officers getting in trouble on or off duty. No Officers abusing their power... After Firing a fellow Officer (as well as being an upstanding Military Man) kinda makes you wonder, was I wrong feeling the Pineville, PD was really an upstanding department. You can really count on them and respect them. Hmmm

  Seeing this News Story from Fox- . The Pineville PD says as the news said "they described as being deceitful and untruthful", The Pineville PD Say it's not because of his Military Duties. BUT the Pineville PD will not state in Black & White the true reason for dismissing Officer Flanagan. The Military states Flanagan "has consistently met performance standards set by the air force reserve and is considered to be a superior performer by his supervisors in the 315th airlift wing. He also has no issues of disciplinary actions.” WoW this would be a characteristic in a person I wanted working for me.

  This is straight from their home page of the Pineville PD website- The mission of the Pineville Police Department is to act in partnership with the community to provide a safe environment and enhance the quality of life through courteous, honest, and professional delivery of law enforcement services while enforcing the laws of the local, state and United States Government and preserving the peace by applying the highest standard professionalism, integrity, and accountability.. To me it seems like if you have a person in the US Military wanting to work for you he would be courteous, honest and professional. You would have to be in your work life as well as your everyday life since you are representing the USA Military at all times.

What are your thoughts? Share here, My FB Wall , Twitter or email the Pineville PD-  I DID...

E-Mail to the Pineville Police Department:

 I saw the news story on Matthew Flanagan on Fox news~ It’s circulating on FB, Twitter, Kaboodle, Blogs, through e-mails and more. I just wanted to state my peace. I look at the men & women who are in the service as ones we should show the most respect and gratitude to. They choose to go to war and put their lives on the line as well as their families on the line daily. Most come away with not only physical scars but mental as well. Yes, I am talking about all branches of military but I see Police Officers as well as Firefighters in this group too. Ya’ll don’t have to protect up but choose to put your life as well as loved ones lives on the line too.

  When people look at a police department some get a bad rap because they have had a bad seed in the bunch, like the Charlotte, PD… There have been many unethical police officers here and I know I have always held the Pineville PD at a higher respect because it seemed like a close knit group, people who have higher standards and only wants the best men and women for their department. Respect will get you a long way in life as well in a community when you are trying to build trust and open communication.

  In this story in Fox news about one of your officers being an upstanding Military person, protecting our country of his own will. Having papers to prove he has in fact been where he says (and as Officer Flanagan states when the Military service calls on you, you don’t say “I’ll see if I can” You Go when you are needed to protect your own country (not just a small city but county, city, state, The Whole Country). One would think having a trusting; well respected person as well as a person in the Services for your country would make the department look more respectful to the community… However a spoke person stating this is not the cause of termination but will not put the true cause for termination down in black and white would raise a few suspicions why. Then it makes you wonder, was I wrong? Thinking the Pineville PD is a very upstanding, caring, trusting department or are they in the same group as most of the other PD’s?

  All I KNOW is what I hear on the news from Officer Flanagan, what the News media has dug up and what the Military says about him as well as friends. One of his friends has been on my team for a few months now but I have known her for awhile. All points to Officer Flanagan being a true hero for our country. I can only hope he get a public apology and that I am lucky enough to live near him where I KNOW I will be protected and be able to trust the department that takes him in as a loyal, respected Officer as well as just one of our many Servicemen that deserves the up most respect they.

Thank you for your time (if you chose to even read this email),

~ Valerie Altman

Here was their pity response~

Wow I got a response back---sort of.. I think it's s pity e-mail...

-----Original Message-----

From: Shaun Boyter []

Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 11:36 AM

To: 'Valerie Altman'

Subject: RE:

Mrs. Altman,

Hello my name is officer S. Boyter community police division of Pineville Police Department I first want to thank you for your comments and concerns. I have read your e-mail and have sent it to my supervisors. Please fill free to write or call if you have any more concerns or comments, we will be more than willing to her them and try to answer them to the best of abilities.

Officer S.Boyter

Pineville Police Department

704-889-2231 (Office)


704-889-2300 (Fax)