Monday, March 22, 2010

Great CIC Deals, Great CIC Items, Check CIC out!!

Now I know the Internet is HUGE... I am and it seems endless.
So finding great items and at a great price is what I have found for you!

Starting off with a wonderful team (CIC) but I will be finding other great deals and items too. I am on many sites so let me do the work for you.
These are in Alphbetical order- I like organization- lol

First up is: AntiqueBasketLady- I have known her for over a year. Wow how time flies! I LOVE her shop and yes I have shopped there and bought from her. So I can say with out a doubt her items are very well made and made with pride. Great patterns and items to choose from! You may also know her from Twitter, Face Book, Kaboodle or just around.

Second up is: CandleGuy821- This shop is one you will revisit many times. Donald the candle guy loves to tweek his candles to make them better and better whether it's the color, scent or burning time. In this wonderful shop you will find palm wax candles as well as sandpot candles. And yes, he does make his own sandpots for the candles too! He has served America and protected us for many years and now he likes to create and wow us! You really should read his Blog to get to know him and you will see why anyone who meets him respects and instantly befirends him. This shop has beautiful candles created by a wonderful person. You may also already be familiar with his or his shop through Twitter or Face Book.

My third shop that I LOVE is: ElektraJewelry- This shop has one-of-a kind jewelry that is made with high quality gems and other beads. Each time I enter this shop I just want to stay and buy everything! Each piece is unique,handcrafted, made with semi-precious stones, lampwork beads, sterling silver, gold vermeil and/or copper. This shop has pieces you can keep then later hand down to a daughter or someone special! You also may have run across this shop on Twitter, Face Book or her Blog. You can see more of this shop in on our CIC Blog.

Theses are just a few of my fellow CIC Team Members with great deals and great items! Go see...
Enjoy~ More great deals and items coming!



Dina Cuomo said...

Wonderful writeup Valerie. You have inspired me to write something on my blog today too.

Linda said...

This is great. I'm promoting it all over!