Friday, March 5, 2010

Local Military Man: I Was Fired Over Duty!

This story reall made me think about what I would want in a Police Department that is protecting us...

  I think the world of all the men & women in the service (active and past). These men & women put their lives and their families lives on the line daily (in was and at home). They come back with physical as well as emotional scars. When someone in the Military is asked to start duty you don't answer "I'll see is I can fit it in" you say with Pride "Yes". So when you come back from serving your country you would think you would have the respect and gratitude of others. Not just the regular everyday American but others who put their lives on the line as well, The Pineville Police Department.

  I have always felt the Pineville, PD really have their stuff together. There hasn't been Officers getting in trouble on or off duty. No Officers abusing their power... After Firing a fellow Officer (as well as being an upstanding Military Man) kinda makes you wonder, was I wrong feeling the Pineville, PD was really an upstanding department. You can really count on them and respect them. Hmmm

  Seeing this News Story from Fox- . The Pineville PD says as the news said "they described as being deceitful and untruthful", The Pineville PD Say it's not because of his Military Duties. BUT the Pineville PD will not state in Black & White the true reason for dismissing Officer Flanagan. The Military states Flanagan "has consistently met performance standards set by the air force reserve and is considered to be a superior performer by his supervisors in the 315th airlift wing. He also has no issues of disciplinary actions.” WoW this would be a characteristic in a person I wanted working for me.

  This is straight from their home page of the Pineville PD website- The mission of the Pineville Police Department is to act in partnership with the community to provide a safe environment and enhance the quality of life through courteous, honest, and professional delivery of law enforcement services while enforcing the laws of the local, state and United States Government and preserving the peace by applying the highest standard professionalism, integrity, and accountability.. To me it seems like if you have a person in the US Military wanting to work for you he would be courteous, honest and professional. You would have to be in your work life as well as your everyday life since you are representing the USA Military at all times.

What are your thoughts? Share here, My FB Wall , Twitter or email the Pineville PD-  I DID...

E-Mail to the Pineville Police Department:

 I saw the news story on Matthew Flanagan on Fox news~ It’s circulating on FB, Twitter, Kaboodle, Blogs, through e-mails and more. I just wanted to state my peace. I look at the men & women who are in the service as ones we should show the most respect and gratitude to. They choose to go to war and put their lives on the line as well as their families on the line daily. Most come away with not only physical scars but mental as well. Yes, I am talking about all branches of military but I see Police Officers as well as Firefighters in this group too. Ya’ll don’t have to protect up but choose to put your life as well as loved ones lives on the line too.

  When people look at a police department some get a bad rap because they have had a bad seed in the bunch, like the Charlotte, PD… There have been many unethical police officers here and I know I have always held the Pineville PD at a higher respect because it seemed like a close knit group, people who have higher standards and only wants the best men and women for their department. Respect will get you a long way in life as well in a community when you are trying to build trust and open communication.

  In this story in Fox news about one of your officers being an upstanding Military person, protecting our country of his own will. Having papers to prove he has in fact been where he says (and as Officer Flanagan states when the Military service calls on you, you don’t say “I’ll see if I can” You Go when you are needed to protect your own country (not just a small city but county, city, state, The Whole Country). One would think having a trusting; well respected person as well as a person in the Services for your country would make the department look more respectful to the community… However a spoke person stating this is not the cause of termination but will not put the true cause for termination down in black and white would raise a few suspicions why. Then it makes you wonder, was I wrong? Thinking the Pineville PD is a very upstanding, caring, trusting department or are they in the same group as most of the other PD’s?

  All I KNOW is what I hear on the news from Officer Flanagan, what the News media has dug up and what the Military says about him as well as friends. One of his friends has been on my team for a few months now but I have known her for awhile. All points to Officer Flanagan being a true hero for our country. I can only hope he get a public apology and that I am lucky enough to live near him where I KNOW I will be protected and be able to trust the department that takes him in as a loyal, respected Officer as well as just one of our many Servicemen that deserves the up most respect they.

Thank you for your time (if you chose to even read this email),

~ Valerie Altman

Here was their pity response~

Wow I got a response back---sort of.. I think it's s pity e-mail...

-----Original Message-----

From: Shaun Boyter []

Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 11:36 AM

To: 'Valerie Altman'

Subject: RE:

Mrs. Altman,

Hello my name is officer S. Boyter community police division of Pineville Police Department I first want to thank you for your comments and concerns. I have read your e-mail and have sent it to my supervisors. Please fill free to write or call if you have any more concerns or comments, we will be more than willing to her them and try to answer them to the best of abilities.

Officer S.Boyter

Pineville Police Department

704-889-2231 (Office)


704-889-2300 (Fax)


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