Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sending out Prayers on the Wires of Heaven to Someone Special

Just wanted to send out a post to someone special who we all miss so Much!
Not ONLY was he an uncle that knew everything & went to one of the BEST colleges in the world (North Carolina State- Go Wolfpack!) but one fun thing that sticks in my mine is:

Every family gathering Gayle would fall asleep. Well Alein (is wonderful wife) could get beside him and make this sound- relax your lips and blow lightly and say bop, bop, bop... But fast and light... Gayle would be sound asleep and he would do the same thing is his sleep. It was so funny!

Here is a poem that came to me after he passed... We still  love him & think of him often!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday To Momma

This year I decided to get pretties from my Friends Shops. After all Mom deserves the BEST and Handmade is the Best! There were about 2 more things that was send with my gifts for her but I couldn't find the pictures on their sites.

 Is mom going to have a great Birthday or What?! ~My Gifts from: LindaButterfly,  LindaCaterpillarWhatsHerName,  
AntiqueBasketLady,  TJBdesigns,  NothingButString

My Sisters B-day is coming up next... I plan on checking out Etsy, Artfire & some others then. I thank ya'll so much for helping me make mom's Birthday so special!

I can't wait until Saturday now!!