Monday, August 30, 2010

Surprise for LindaButterfly from SoapyBlessing

Surprise gift! Furoshiki and soap

This is what I saw when I opened my secret pal package. Intriguing! Pretty!
But what is it?

Originating from Japanese culture, Furoshiki is the eco-friendly wrapping cloth. Furoshiki is a fun and creative style of gift wrapping using a large piece of cloth to create elegant looking presents. The good news is, when the present is unwrapped there’s nothing to be thrown away!
 I began to unwrap and found...

Beautiful soaps from my team member Patricia!
Such a welcome, useful and beautiful surprise. Thank you Trish!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to a Great Man! My GrandFather!!

I just wanted to say: 
Happy Birthday to one of the Best- Grandfathers, Fathers, Husband, Uncles & Friend EVER! My Grandfather, who has already passed but who is thought about so very often by many, & yes me! 

I remember so very much about papa but miss him greatly. I know he is in a better place and still looking down on us all since family was the only thing that ever mattered. I know he isn't in any more pain from being eaten up with cancer but still miss him & love him so!

I still remember being at my grandparents house, swinging on the swing in the backyard and him teaching me to spell Chocolate- LoL Though I am not fond of chocolate- lol

I remember how he LOVED his family and Loved his wife just as much the day he passed as the day he met her! Such a very special person with so many things to teach.

The Poem I did then I lost them Both But something I remembered the most:


 It all began when a group of young friends gathered in the downtown square of Statesville.
A young man, Garnett, would ask his friend if it would be alright to ask the young lady, Ruth on a date (who his friend had been dating). The friend would tell Garnett he did not have a problem with him asking Ruth on a date at all.

 This is when two soul mates would meet and create a love so deep, so rare it would last forever. Later, Garnett Monroe Blackburn and Ruth Lillian Lippard married on February 10, 1940 and had three wonderful sons- Sammy Gayle on August 6, 1941, Dayle Franklin on May 4, 1947 and Gary Dean on March 4, 1949.

 The sons all married beautiful young ladies themselves- Gayle married Alein on October 31, 1965, Dayle married Bonnie on August 17, 1968 and lastly Gary married Nancy on February 14, 1970. These young ladies that their sons married were not just daughter-in-laws to the couple, but “daughters”, who they treated and loved as their own.

 Next came the biggest joy of all for the couple, six precious grandchildren, four girls and two boys. Gayle and Alein had two girls- Heather and Kelly. Dayle and Bonnie had a boy- Jason. Gary and Nancy had two girls- Melanie and Valerie, and a boy named Casey.

 However, sadness came when the beloved gentleman, better known as  “Black”, Dad or Papa, passed away on March 10, 1996, leaving his bride of over 50 years behind, for now. Time passed, the grandchildren married and many great grandchildren were born.
The woman, better known as Mother, Mom or “B”, could not have been more delighted   or proud of her ever-growing family.

 Life was good until the oldest son, Gayle, became sick and passed away July 18, 2006. Unfortunately on January 18, 2007, a year and six months to the day of her son passing, she too passed away. We miss them all.

 However, we know the young man who asked the young lady on a date so many years ago, and created a love so deep, so rare, are united once again and will be together forever.

The "Together Forever" is what is on their head stone below the flowers.