Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday's Helpful Finds~

I found some great finds today. I was thinking what would be a wonderful gift for a wonderful mom on Mother's Day... I found lots of goodies...

This is for those mom's (or anyone) who loves handmade one of a kind pieces of jewelry- ElektraJewelry- Wonderfully handmade bracelets, necklaces and earrings. A wonderful CIC Team Member here!

I know anyone would be thrilled to receive these beautiful earrings on anyday! I know I would. Just look at that color and look how that Silver really sets the whole earring off! I Love these and yes, these do have a matching necklace!

If for some reason the earrings above don't fit the one you love here is a beautiful and versitile necklace! This necklacr can be worn with jeans or be worn when she is dressed up for her dinner out! Thhis is just a lovely piece!

I Love , Love, Love lampwork beads. They remind me of the old cats eyed marble when I was a kid. The details on this bracelet is absolutly amazing! Yes this is one of my favorite pieces it you can't tell...

You can also stop by and see more of this shop at: Twitter, Facebook or her Blog

~> These next two shops are for all of our readers and writers: <~

This shop is for all of our writters. Everyone needs a journal to keep their thought in. And I have found some just for you by SewDanish- Scandinavian Textile and Fiber Art

This journal has 92 pages just waiting for some one to fill with drawings or words from the heart. Anyone would love to get this beautiful book as a gift!

Yes, I fell in love with this book if you can't tell. So I liked it so much that I wanted to show you all three colors. There are many different kinds of journals in this shop as well as other cool and unique items.

I like each one of these. I couldn't decide which one I liked the best so I put them all! This shop also has Cards, Books, Bags, Keyring, Jewelry, Wall Art, Fiber Art and more!

If you would like to see more of this shop just click~> Twitter, FaceBook or her Blog

Now every reader needs a creative and beautiful way to keep their place! I have found a few items one can use to do just that by TJBDesigns- Scissor fobs, Needlework, Knitting, Crochet Accessories & so much more!

I just love these beads on the Shephard Crook. There are other colors and styles but whem I think of mom's I think of blue, pretty and useful... This said that to me.

If you think someone would like a different kind of bookmark here you go... This is a simple but very effective thong bookmark. The colors remind me of the beach. And what's better than having a great book and reading it on the beach!

This one has nothing to do with books unless you want to cut the pages... This is one of the most creative ways to keep a hold of your scissors! This is one of my favorite ones because of the large blue bead and how the black and white sets off the whole fob!

Yes you do know her from- Twitter,  Facebook and her Blog

I hope you have enjoyed my Mother's Day finds! I will be looking into these shops for meself as well as others for the up coming holidays! I got everyone last Christmas something off of etsy and other handmade crafters... Please feel free to join in. After all HandMade is best :o)

Look for Fun Kaboodle Polls on these shops tomorrow....

PLEASE If yo would like to be featured leave me a link and I will look and put you on the list... It does not have to be only etsy shops...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Take A Look At These Tuesday's Finds

I really enjoyed finding great finds today! I found unique, color & items with a Cause!
Check these out!

My first shop is one known by many- he is a wonderful person inside &; out an awesome CIC Member too!~  CandleGuy821- This shop has candles with candles that really POP, with scent, color and texture at a great price!
This would be a great addition to anyroom. This is made with a wonderful yummy scent of cinnamon buns and made from palm wax which is soot-free like your soy candles... Just look at the unique texture of this was on these candles. Great for anyroom or great for a gift for your special someone!

Yes I LOVE plam wax! Look how wonderful this candle looks in this purple color! Perfect for any season and this scent will give of a clean, wake up and go scent. This is a candle that you can't go wrong with!

This is one of my favorite scents in candles. This scent is like a tropical light floral scent... This bright orange fits this scent perfectly! Did you know Palm Wax burns 2-3 times longer than the regular paraffin wax candles too! You really gets your moneys worth with this wax!

If you are not already following CandleGuy821 now you can~  Blog, Twitter & Facebook

The next shops I found some really nice unique pieces. When I like to find different pieces so if I wear it or promote it then asked where I found something like this... I can say proudly that I found the shop on-line through etsy, twitter, facebook, kaboodle or all of the above.

Here is my second shop that I found many unique and beautiful pieces- AngelWingGems- here you can find necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

This is a very affordable necklace as well as unique. I love this print and the detail on the beads on this necklace!

I love everything about this bracelet. I love the colors, the individual look of the beads and the fact that it is adjustable. This bracelet would go with any outfit!

I love all jewelry that supports a great cause! These wonderful earrings not only supports Breast Cancer Awareness but is very beautiful also! I LOVE these!

Yes you may know this crafter from Facebook

My last shop for this Tuesday is one I have been following for awhile now- Krishenka- This is a very unique shop with beautiful jewelry made with vintage buttons. I love different things.

I love this blue spiral ring. I love the teal looking baggetts! I bet my neighbor won't have this ring!

Ok one word- WoW! This is the perfect comb to put a little accent in your hair to show it off! this is just beautiful!

I worked in jewelry for over 10 years. I have never seen a pendant like this. This is just lovely. Put it with a shear ribbon or a thin silver chain, this pendabt will be the talk of the night!

You got it~ this shop is on Twitter

I hope you have enjoyed my Color Pop, Unique and Items With A Cause!
Fun Polls Coming Tomorrow... Which Will Be Your Favorite?


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rigas Diner The BEST Place To Eat In Charlotte, NC~

Rigas Diner
(Click here to go to WebPage)

I am not that much of a hamburger eater but after having one of the Charlottean Burgers, I could eat one everyday! Rigas cooks the burger to how YOU like it! I recommend the Charlottean Cheese Burger with Fries. Even though you won't have room for Fries... Get then oh how delicious they are! And yes they have the Right pickles-mmmm

Yes, they have Breakfast (anytime), Lunch and Dinner. Here are just a few breakfast items:

~How about the Bubba- 2 Eggs, Ham, Bacon, Sausage & American Cheese on Grilled Sourdough Bread.
~Some Belgian Waffles
~2 Eggs with BBQ (Yes, BBQ). I LOVE their BBQ- Tastey!

**If you would like something not on the menu just ask...**

You can be like my dad and eat almost every meal there. Rigas has such a variety of food on their menu you can try something new everytime you visit!

Rigas is in a great location. They are on Monroe Road at Galleria Blvd. They are right next to the Tire place. This is an easy place to get in and out. I like that-lol
Some items that make my mouth water are:

~Charlottean- Hamburger, Cheese, Slaw, Delicious Pickles, Onions, Peppers & BBQ Sauce! (This is my all time favorite- You can get it cooked how you like too!)
~How about the Chicken Rigas- Char-boiled Half Chicken seasoned with Greek herbs and spices & Basted with lemony sauce.
 ~If these didn't make your mouth water how about a Chicken Salad Wrap (This is big and Goood)

Of course you have to get these with fries! Even though you are full you will still want to munch of these babies!

A bit about this wonderful place to get away and eat- it is a family place. I love going to eat at places that thinks so much of one another that they run a business together. The owners are Gus (Uncle) and Nick (Nephew) . Both are very nice and funny guys! They really treat you right and make you feel right at home. There are other family members there also. Gus' son left NY early one morning and picked up REAL NY Bagels on the way down to Charlotte, NC. He timed his arrival to Charlotte so he would get to Rigas right when they opened the doors... And he shared those Bagels with EVERYONE!

You know you have to have DESSERT!

~How about The Belle of the Ball- Coconut Layered Cake
~The All American Pie- Apple Pie
~Galactbooriko- A favorite made with Custard & Filo pastry served with Syrup!

They also have a very kid friendly menu (always a plus when you have two picky little ones-lol)

So if you are looking for the BEST place to eat in town AND one that has a warm & friendly atmosphere... Here it is~ Rigas on 10020 Monroe Road, 28105

You will be back once you taste their wonderful, mouth watering food!

704/841-ToGo (8648)

Mon-Thurs- 6 am - 9 pm
Fri & Sat- 6 am - 12 pm
Sun- 7 am - 9 pm

Go by and try them out! Tell them Valerie says HeY~ Gary & Nancy's Daughter, There might be more than 1 Valerie that comes in-lol


~> What a Deal Wednesday!

I am findind so many great deals each week that my wish list has really grown!
I hope you are enjoying the Cool Finds. Here are some more for this Wonderful Wednesday!

My first shop is one I and visited OFTEN- AntiqueBasketLady- This CIC member has lots to offer- Purses of all kinds, wristlets, coin bags, so much more.

I am a mom of two younger kids. When I carry a purse it's usually a bigger one that can carry some of my things and all of the kids things-lol All of you moms know what I mean (snacks, drinks, coloring pads, crayons, wipes, other small toys...) So these were the 3 bags I picked that I thought would meet a mom's needs but still a mom would still look great carryting.

This purse really caught me eye with the rose and color. A mom could really feel sassy with this one!

This next one I loved because of the pattern and Free Shipping! This is one of my Favorites!

This would be a wonderful bag for any mom! I love that it has room so if you need it you have it.

Stop by & see this shop or visit the crafter here-
Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or Blog

My next shop that I found Great items at a Great Deal is- MommysDream- This shop has wonderful paintings on glasses. So you have art that is resuable!

This was one of my favorites because there is nothing better that a girls weekend at the beach!

This shop even has something for those of us who LOVE sunsets!

These glasses brings instand relaxation...

Whether you like the beach or woods, Warm weather or cold, this shop has it for you!
I'm ready... I'll bring the glasses and my girls can bring the wine!

Yes you may know this crafter from Twitter and/or Face book.

This next shop had beautiful pieces of jewelry at a beautiful price! My kind of shop- CinLynBoutique
My favorites this week were the bracelets:

This one really grabbed my eye with the blue. It made me feel relaxed.

When I saw this next piece I was drawn to the green stone. It reminds me of when you go hiking and you find that one cool rock and then make something beautiful with it!

I love this next bracelet because just look at the zig zag design in the Amethyst.

You may also know this crafter from Twitter  and/or Face Book. She also goes by the name BeadLynn7.

I hope you enjoy these great items at a great deal... Look for the Fun Polls on Kaboodle tomorrow!
Thank you for dropping by!


Monday, April 5, 2010

~> Monday's Mega Finds <~

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Now for some Monday's MEGS Finds...
I hope you like them as much as I do!

First up this Merry Monday is a gifted CIC Member- SusanNeedleHands- Not just scarfs but oh so much more like Shawls, Bowls, recycling...

This is something that would be so nice on these cooler nights-

Look at these Beautiful Bowls. These would look wonderful on a table or anywhere!

Ever wonder what to do with those Cassette Tapes? Well SusanNeedleHands did!

And all these are at a wonderful price too! You may know SusanNeedleHands from Twitter or even her Blog

The next shop that had great deals was- ChristieCottage- Earrings, Trinket Boxes, Bags and More

I just fell in love with these earrings! The design and price!

These God Trinket Boxes are just the best! Really!!!

I WANT this bag... And I will have it... if it's in the shop at the end of the week 1/2 OFF!

All of these items and more can be found in ChristieCottage! You may know her from one of her many teams. This is a true Team player!

Last shop I got lost in... I just couldn't leave... So many goodies here!- AfricanSand- Candle Holders, Paper weights, SunCatchers and so much more!

This was one of my Favorites... Oh how I love pretty Candle Holders that are very well made!

Check out this beautiful and unique paperweight-

Check out this wonderful SunCatcher!

Yes you may know this crafter from Twitter and/or Face Book too!

Enjoy Mondays Mega Finds and fun polls coming tomorrow....!