Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking A Time-Out

Taking A Time-Out

Have You Ever Wondered What A Little One Sees
As He Looks Through The Window, Out At The Trees?
Does He Notice The Birds Or The Flowers Below?
Does He See The Grass And Wonder How It Will Grow?
Does He See The Pine Needles
Or Feel The Warm Wind?
Or Maybe, He’s Just Enjoying A Moment
With His Best Friend!

Valerie Altman
March 31, 2002


The Good Ol’ Days

Do You Remember The Days Of Just Getting Away,
Sitting On The Beach And, Well As Jimmy Buffett Would Say, Wastin’ Away,
Lying On The Sand And Gazing Out At The Sea,
Enjoying The Salt Air And Warm Summer Breeze,
Looking Out At The Horizon And Watching Shrimp Boats,
And Letting Your Mind Just Go A Float,
Then Head Back To The House With A Clear Mind,
To Grab A Good Book And Read A Few Lines,
But First Things First, We Must Taste The Wine,
So Many Bottles So Little Time,
Let’s Start With The White On The Front A Beach Scene,
Seemed Like A Good Choice It Went With The Theme,
But One Look At Her Face And We Knew Right Away,
That Was The Wrong Choice We’ll Throw That One Away,
But No Need To Worry Or Be Dismayed,
We’ll Drink The La Belle Amie, The One We Got Earlier That Day,
So As We Sit To Reminisce About These Days,
Always Remember: The Good Smelling Blue Is LYSOL,
And The Bad One Is RAID,
Watch That Slick Spot, Boy Those Were The Days.

Valerie Altman 12-25-03


Monday, April 20, 2009

I Cannot Tell You What It Means To Me...

I Cannot Tell You What It Means To Me
To Have Such A Loving And Extended Family.
But With Wonderful And Caring People As Paul And Margaret
I’d Like To Try.
Just Thinking About Your Generosity Brings Tears Of Joy To
My Eyes.
Every October You Open Your Cabin And Take Us All In
To Carry On The Tradition Which So Many Years Began.
You Bought “Blackburn’s Cabin” And Made It “A Family Place”
For Family And Friends To Continue To Embrace.
Not Only Was There Makings Of Homemade Vegetable Soup
But You’ve Added Potato Soup, Pinto Beans And Corn Bread To The Group.
I Would Just Like To Say Thank You So Much
For Opening Your Hearts And Home To This Blackburn Bunch.

Thank You And Bless You For All That You Do
We Would Like You To Know We Love Too!

Valerie (Blackburn) Altman


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Together Again


It all began when a group of young friends gathered in the downtown square of Statesville.
A young man, Garnett, would ask his friend if it would be alright to ask the young lady, Ruth on a date (who his friend had been dating). The friend would tell Garnett he did not have a problem with him asking Ruth on a date at all.

This is when two soul mates would meet and create a love so deep, so rare it would last forever. Later, Garnett Monroe Blackburn and Ruth Lillian Lippard married on February 10, 1940 and had three wonderful sons- Sammy Gayle on August 6, 1941, Dayle Franklin on May 4, 1947 and Gary Dean on March 4, 1949.

The sons all married beautiful young ladies themselves- Gayle married Alein on October 31, 1965, Dayle married Bonnie on August 17, 1968 and lastly Gary married Nancy on February 14, 1970. These young ladies that their sons married were not just daughter-in-laws to the couple, but “daughters”, who they treated and loved as their own.

Next came the biggest joy of all for the couple, six precious grandchildren, four girls and two boys. Gayle and Alein had two girls- Heather and Kelly. Dayle and Bonnie had a boy- Jason. Gary and Nancy had two girls- Melanie and Valerie, and a boy named Casey.

However, sadness came when the beloved gentleman, better known as “Black”, Dad or Papa, passed away on March 10, 1996, leaving his bride of over 50 years behind, for now. Time passed, the grandchildren married and many great grandchildren were born.
The woman, better known as Mother, Mom or “B”, could not have been more delighted or proud of her ever-growing family.

Life was good until the oldest son, Gayle, became sick and passed away July 18, 2006. Unfortunately on January 18, 2007, a year and six months to the day of her son passing, she too passed away. We miss them all.

However, we know the young man who asked the young lady on a date so many years ago, and created a love so deep, so rare, are united once again and will be together forever.

Valerie Altman


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garnett Monroe Blackburn
Forever In Our Hearts

Poem by Anonymous

Valerie Altman



Friday, April 17, 2009



How Do You Get Through The Heartache Of Loosing:

Someone Who You Love So Much And Who Loved You,

Someone Who Could Never Have Too Many Loved Ones In Her Home
(She Would Even Invite Others Fathers, Grandmothers And Friends, The More
The Merrier),

Someone Who Told Great Stories Of When She Was Younger
(About Her Family And How She Met The Love Of Her Life At The Square In
Downtown Statesville, NC,),

Someone Who Was A Dare Devil
(In Her Own Way, Traveling Across The US And To Other Countries, Riding In A Hot Air Balloon And Going Out To Sea In A Boat In The Florida Keys),

Someone Who Was So Honest, If You Didn’t Want To Know The Truth,
You’d Better Not Ask
(If She Told You She Had A ½ A Cup Of Coffee, But Remembered She Had ¼ A Cup, She’d Say “No, Now That’s A Lie…”),

Someone Who Would Do Anything She Could For You
(Even If She Couldn’t Drive, Walk or See Well),

Someone Who Always Put You And Your Needs Above Her Own
(If She Needed To Go To The Bathroom, She’d Let You Go First, If You Needed A Car, A Place To Stay Or Just A Sweet Potato Pie, She Was There),

Someone Who Made The Best Food And Taught Us How To Make It
(A Little Dab Here And A Little Pinch There),

Someone Who Never Got That Steak Biscuit From Bo Jangles
(Because They Didn’t Have One, But She Would Ask For One Every Time),
And Someone Who Ran Out Of Time Before Getting To Try That New Pork Chop Biscuit From Bo Jangles.

So, I Ask… HOW?

Valerie Altman


Thursday, April 16, 2009

On Your Way

When You Took Your First Steps Into The Heavenly Light
At 7:14 That Monday Night,
You Arrived
July 18th Of 2006

Today The Family Gathers At The Blackburn’s Pond
While Trying To Remain Collected And Calm,
With Tears In Our Eyes And Ashes In Hand
We Remember A Great And Honorable Man

A Remarkable Friend, Nephew And Cousin
Extraordinary Grandpa, Father And Husband,
An Amazing Uncle, Brother And Son
Wow, All This Wrapped Up Into ONE

Although We Are Lost, Bewildered And Sad
We Know You’re At Peace And With Your Dad

Valerie Altman
July 24,2006

Sammy Gayle Blackburn
Forever In Our Hearts


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Starting off with my Poems... Enjoy...

It seems sometimes my mind just won't let me sleep like when this one of Jackson came, Or when a loved one passed , or when I'm in a dark place. These poems come. Some are warm hearted, some are sad... But some are funny but to get u may need to be there But maybe not. Anyway I hope you enjoy...

New Poems each day for a few then I'll start my features and who knows what from there. I hope you enjoy..


Jackson's Birth Poem

We received the call that time is near,
You’re on your way to meet us here.
Your mom and dad? Oh, they’re just fine,
Just choosing names to pass the time.
Which middle name should it be?
Ooops, no time now, mom must breathe!
One last push, one quick prayer,
A CHILD IS BORN, you’re finally here!
2:40 Tuesday morning and a full moon above,
Jackson Reece Miller is here, for all to love!
Your dad comes in so full of joy,
To let us all know of his baby boy!
We all gather in your room, excited to see,
As a gift from God completes your family!

December 12,2000
Aunt Valerie