Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Please Vote to help EndHaven Elem. School the GlobeTrotters!

I don't know if France and UK get to vote but if ya'll can, Thank you in advance...

Here is the link go to and click on the GlobeTrotters Contest then the word Here to enter... Then chhose the school EndHaven Elem.

You can enter as many times as you want until the 28th. If EndHaven school wins they get a School assembly from the Harlem GlobeTrotters! I hope parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends get to come too!

Thanks in advance for voting... Please forward this to who you think would help out our school...

REMEMBER: Vote as many times a day you want until the 28th


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bows My Girls Never Take OUT by StefaniesBownanza on etsy

 Bows from StefaniesBownanza on etsy

Ok, those of you who KNOW me know I have two precious little girls. I wish I could buy them the world but as a Stay At Home Mom I don't have an income, I don't get a raise nor time off but I get so much more from being their mom. I am always looking out for a good deal for my girls.

Well, my babies were down to about 2 pairs of hairbows each and knew it was time to get some new bows. I knew from past experience that StefaniesBowanza's makes great bows (& more) and they hold up (a child can mess up bows with out trying). So, I looked through both of Stefanie's shops- StefaniesBownanza & M2MHeaven . I still didn't know what I wanted... Knowing how good Stefanie is at reading minds I convo'd her and told her (even though she already knew) how one of my girls is such a priss and all girl. My other is 20% girl and 80 % TomBoy (like her momma-lol). Oh and she only likes BLUE!

(This is a picture of my oldest climbing on her bestfriend's daddy's back while the best friend climbs on her back, my youngest looks on)

I sent Stefanie this picture of one of the bows that she wears everyday. About 2 minutes later Stefanie had it all figures out! And boy was I pleased!

My youngest walks around with her little fairy bows while calling herself a princess and she even wears then to bed!

My oldest has not taken her light blue ones out since she got them!

All 3 pairs have a non slip foam thing inside the bow that does hold them in place!

So Thank You Stefanie for the wonderful bows at a great price! Of course I will be back!

Please visit her shops. She has so much more that just bows. Her shops are worth the look around~  StefaniesBownanza & M2MHeaven