Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bows My Girls Never Take OUT by StefaniesBownanza on etsy

 Bows from StefaniesBownanza on etsy

Ok, those of you who KNOW me know I have two precious little girls. I wish I could buy them the world but as a Stay At Home Mom I don't have an income, I don't get a raise nor time off but I get so much more from being their mom. I am always looking out for a good deal for my girls.

Well, my babies were down to about 2 pairs of hairbows each and knew it was time to get some new bows. I knew from past experience that StefaniesBowanza's makes great bows (& more) and they hold up (a child can mess up bows with out trying). So, I looked through both of Stefanie's shops- StefaniesBownanza & M2MHeaven . I still didn't know what I wanted... Knowing how good Stefanie is at reading minds I convo'd her and told her (even though she already knew) how one of my girls is such a priss and all girl. My other is 20% girl and 80 % TomBoy (like her momma-lol). Oh and she only likes BLUE!

(This is a picture of my oldest climbing on her bestfriend's daddy's back while the best friend climbs on her back, my youngest looks on)

I sent Stefanie this picture of one of the bows that she wears everyday. About 2 minutes later Stefanie had it all figures out! And boy was I pleased!

My youngest walks around with her little fairy bows while calling herself a princess and she even wears then to bed!

My oldest has not taken her light blue ones out since she got them!

All 3 pairs have a non slip foam thing inside the bow that does hold them in place!

So Thank You Stefanie for the wonderful bows at a great price! Of course I will be back!

Please visit her shops. She has so much more that just bows. Her shops are worth the look around~  StefaniesBownanza & M2MHeaven