Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Way to Help a School

This is one way my daughter's school raises $ for their school. The kids run as many 1/4 mile laps as they can in a certain amount of time. They are raising money for the school with fitness and awareness. Everyone who reaches a $10 a lap gets a Slingbag… Sounds cool BUTeven Cooler is they will also give a bag full of school stuff to a kid in Haiti- I thought that was Great! BUT it does NOT have to be $10 a lap from one pledge… It could be $1 a pledge for each lap from 10 people…

 That was cool that they are teaching the kids fitness and the act of helping others :o) With the donations last year the school was able to get Smart Boards. Most schools have had these but since Endhaven lost a lot of State help in 2008 (I think) we don't have a lot that some schools have- School Books, Gym stuff... 

So here is the link to help raise money for Endhaven Elementary School in Charlotte, NC http://FunRun.com/ IF you'd like to donate that would be GREAT. I KNOW times are hard for all, So I understand if you can't... Totally :o) Thanks In Advance The Access Code is- BTC-JVT

** I say Donate because last year I did $3 a lap… Doesn’t sound like a lot until your child runs over 25 laps! You do the math… But glad mom & dad missed the cut off date for donations-lol

I like this kind of Fund Raising because the way the Boosterthon crew does it is FUN for the parents and kids! The Boosterthon Crew is very organized and is Oh so energetic and fun! It’s healthy for the kids, the kids DO something for the donations, and they feel a great self accomplishment when they are done! I feel pride :o)

Boosterthon Fun Run

Ok I’m Done… If you would like to Donate that’s wonderful, if you can’t, I fully understand… And I know you’ll be wishing my daughter lots of laps-lol

Thank you to you all!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary to the Heavens above

Happy Anniversary to my grandparents... Though I miss them daily and wish they could be here, I know that they are Together Again~ 


 It all began when a group of young friends gathered in the downtown square of Statesville.
A young man, Garnett, would ask his friend if it would be alright to ask the young lady, Ruth on a date (who his friend had been dating). The friend would tell Garnett he did not have a problem with him asking Ruth on a date at all.

 This is when two soul mates would meet and create a love so deep, so rare it would last forever. Later, Garnett Monroe Blackburn and Ruth Lillian Lippard married on February 10, 1940 and had three wonderful sons- Sammy Gayle on August 6, 1941, Dayle Franklin on May 4, 1947 and Gary Dean on March 4, 1949.

 The sons all married beautiful young ladies themselves- Gayle married Alein on October 31, 1965, Dayle married Bonnie on August 17, 1968 and lastly Gary married Nancy on February 14, 1970. These young ladies that their sons married were not just daughter-in-laws to the couple, but “daughters”, who they treated and loved as their own.

 Next came the biggest joy of all for the couple, six precious grandchildren, four girls and two boys. Gayle and Alein had two girls- Heather and Kelly. Dayle and Bonnie had a boy- Jason. Gary and Nancy had two girls- Melanie and Valerie, and a boy named Casey.

 However, sadness came when the beloved gentleman, better known as  “Black”, Dad or Papa, passed away on March 10, 1996, leaving his bride of over 50 years behind, for now. Time passed, the grandchildren married and many great grandchildren were born.
The woman, better known as Mother, Mom or “B”, could not have been more delighted   or proud of her ever-growing family.

 Life was good until the oldest son, Gayle, became sick and passed away July 18, 2006. Unfortunately on January 18, 2007, a year and six months to the day of her son passing, she too passed away. We miss them all.

 However, we know the young man who asked the young lady on a date so many years ago, and created a love so deep, so rare, are united once again and will be together forever.

Valerie (Blackburn) Altman


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Well Do You Know February?

Here are a few cool facts from around the world about February, with some help from some crafty friends!

Yes the birthstone for February is the Amethyst but do you know what the stones meaning is and what it protects us from?
The Amethyst Birthstone is represented very perfectly with this beautiful Swarovski crystal heart Rosary by AngelWingGem

We are all familiar with February 2nd, Groundhogs Day in America (if the Groundhog sees his shadow- winter for another 6 weeks) but did you know on the same day in the UK they have Candlemas Day? This was very interesting to learn.
This little fact was brought to us by beautiful Palm Wax "Welcome Home" Pillar Candle by CandleGuy821

In February this month is also known as Heart Month. Heart disease is huge but you can learn how take care of your heart, beware of symptoms and support those with or passed due to Heart disease. You can learn more from The American Heart Association Site.

February 4th is an important day America! This day is know as Red Day. Everyone wears red to show support & awareness for Heart Month.
No matter what your age you can join in the support and raise awareness for Heart Disease on 2/4. Check out these Little Crochet Bootie Beauties by 2Kute (the shop name says it all).

Here in America February 6th (this year) is a BIG DAY in Pro-Football. This Sunday is known at Super Bowl Sunday! The top teams who win their Conference (AFC & NFC) meet up for a Final NFL Game!
This year the Pittsburgh Steelers finished the season with a 12-4 record & is representing the AFC

And representing the NFC with a finishing record of 10-6 are the Green Bay Packers (aka Cheeseheads).
Tune into FOX at 6:30 (EST) on Sunday 2/6/11.

On February 8, 1855 Mysterious Footprints were found after a heavy night of snowfall in Devon, England (UK)... Want to know what some say made those tracks and the mystery?
I can say I know for a fact this Pencil Foot Original was not the foot that made those prints! But I can say for a fact that I love this shop and you can find many beautiful pieces of original art work by LindaButterfly!

Most of the World knows that February 14th is Valentine's Day. But why on the 14th and who was St. Valentine? Was there more than one names Valentine? Well, Now it's time you know WHY Valentine's Day is February 14th each year.
This Red Murano Handmade Glass Necklace by ElektraJewelry represented our Valentine's Day today picture perfectly!

Did you know on February 18, 1930 Pluto was discovered and made a Planet of our Solar System... Our last planet... but now they are changing History. Even tough it's history, time never stands still.
Even though our History can be rewritten and Plants reclassified to Dwarf Planets, These beautiful Sapphire Orbital Earring Beauties by VickiDianeDesigns will always be here, until they are purchased- so you better hurry or History will be lost forever!

In 1937 Congress made February Friendship Month & it's known Internationally! It may be a hidden saying, we should all get along since we all live on one Planet. Either way Friends are crucial for a fun fulfilled life! Did you know.... In 1997 the UN adopted Winnie the Pooh as the World's Ambassador of Friendship!
This Red Heart Shepherd Hook Bookmark by TJBDesigns would be a wonderful way to tell a friend that they are special and deserve some "self-time" with a good book!

The last Fun Fact about February! February Is National Chocolate Lovers MONTH!!!
We have a true reason to eat Chocolate! You should have known Americans would come up with a way to justify their Love for chocolate...
This Chocolate Covered Spoon Project by WhatsHerName is perfect to combine most of the February facts in one!

I hope you have learned more about February and their Holidays! Stay tuned for March Fun Facts!!! I have two already and it was very cool to learn why!!!

Just a few of the upcoming Crafy Helpers to demonstration some facts~

IF You would like to join in the fun for any month please Post your site on my Fan Page on FB and I will write you down and get you in If I can relate one of your items! It can be ANY crafter not just etsy... I am here to promote all Handmade items!!