Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Great Finds for you!

Boy, have I found some goodies for you today!

First Up: ExpressionaByCheree - Here you will find many cute things at a great price.
Some of my favorites were the Bookmarks, Cell phone charms and these Bobbie pins.

Purple Paradise Bookmark

Do you or someone you know LOVE to read? How cute would this look keeping one's place. Or you know how you always have those books that you would love to read over and over? You can keep your bookshelf looking great when you have these accenting your books!

Icy Blue Cell Phone Charm

Now a days a cell phone isn't just for talking. You can give your phone a little bling and make it easier to find with these Cell Phone Charms.

Pink, Black and White Hair Pins

These have always caught my eye. I remember using Bobbie pins to keep up those loose hairs. Now you can add a wow factor while pinning your hair up.

You may know this shop from Twitter or her Blog

Now this next shop I know of what I speak: GoodeGear- Lip Balm, Lotions, Soaps and More!

Island Delight Lip Balm

I know for me, I can't go anywhere without lip balm. I have one in my purse, car, kitchen, table in the den, and an extra on hand just in case! It you use lip balm this is for you! Great smelling balm at a WoW of a price! Really great find here!

Natural Face Lotion

This lotion, and bath set if you choose, is not only great smelling but great for your skin! Did you know I started out doing aromatherapy before the candles took off? Yep, sure did, so again, I know of what I speak!

Dolphin Soap

Do you know what I gave my girls and my nephews for Christmas? Yep, this fun kids soap. I got this one and 4 Dino's! And all are gone! My kids wanted to take a bath everyday and in about 3-4 days they had the animal’s out-lol I had some CLEAN kids. This one is a must for kids and at the low price you can get more than one!

Twitter and Face Book are just two places you can find more on this shop!

This last shop is Great to find a variety of goodies: Kelsilove- This shop has neck warmers, pillows, ceramics and More! Lots to choose from here and yes, Great prices!

Fall/Winter Line Thick Blue and White Cowl

I Love Scarf’s, Cowls, I love them all. So soft and warm. These don't have to be just fall and winter you can wear then on cooler spring days or nights. Wear it to accent your outfit. Shhh It's on Clearance now too!

Small Lime Green Throw Pillow

This is just one of four throw pillows in this shop. It's always nice to have a small pillow to put behind your lower back. It's really wonderful to keep one in your car for long trips or to have for a little picnic!

Flecked Brown Candle Holder

This is the best thing to have when you have small candles! As the candles burns down the wax pools at the bottom of this cute handmade ceramic bowl. Most throw away the excess wax. Did you know you can re burn this wax? Just like tarts. This bowl lets you get the most out of each candle as well as look beautiful!

Does this shop's name sound familiar? You may have come across it on Twitter or her Blog.

As always you can see more of these shops at the Collaborators2 etsy shop.



Valerie's Essentials said...

I love these shops!

Tommye said...

all great artists! thanks for sharing them.

Dina Cuomo said...

terrific items!

Michelle said...

Great Picks!