Monday, March 29, 2010

Magnificent Monday Marvels

Wow, did I find some great CIC items for you this Monday! These are not just your everyday finds! Enjoy! These CIC Shops can be found at out CIC Team Etsy Shop also.

First up: LindaButterfly- Art, Cards, Bookmarks, Mouse pads and MORE!
You may also know her work from art in her other shop LindaCaterpillar also.

I LOVE her cards. There is one for almost any occassion. They are fun and can be framed and become something one can pass down to a loved one.

Why not make your favorite LindaButterfly or LindaCaterpillar art into a mouse pad! This makes a great gift by the way.

I know when I am reading a book a great bookmark can make it so much more enjoyable. My bookmarks take me to MY place so I can really relax and read in MY Quiet place.

My next shop that I found Magnificent Finds was- MarysMaids- Mermaids, Good Karma Maids & Mouthy Bags

If you are looking for something different to give for a gift (Wedding, Holiday...) This is the shop! Everyting I see this Mermaid I wish I knew someone getting married! This wouls be so perfect!

This next one is great because sometimes you need something to hold on to to just get you through the day.

I LOVE these new items in MaryMaids shop! Such a wonderful Find here!

My last great shop that I found some awesome finds is- Mrs13- Handmade Afghans, Bear, Doilies & so much more!
This was a hard shop as well to choose just 3 good finds.

Oh how I wish my baby brother and his wife were having a girl! I have always LOVED this little bear. Perfect for and little angel!

Don't tell anyone but I have this on MY list. I love to have my bog catch all bag organized and this is just perfect!

Now for me anytime I lay down I HAVE to have a blanket (or Afghan). I think I get it from my dad-lol But it is nice having a throw at arms length. This one caught my eye.

So how did I do. Leave your feedback below. I love these shops and love all the items. Please go check out the shops and see what you might find as your favorites.

If you have any questions of comments for these CIC team members you can also leave them a convo on etsy. Enjoy your day!



Dina Cuomo said...

These are great selections Valerie!

Linda said...

What a great write up Valerie,. Much appreciated and promoted on Twitter. I'll promote it elsewhere in a few days time.

candleguy821 said...

Nice article featuring some of the CIC artisans. Your Gel candles look GREAT!....You make those candles so nice.

marysmaids said...

What a great blog! Thanks for including my work!