Thursday, June 24, 2010

True Friends are a Blessing- Always Remember That

I received such a wonderful package today from a wonderful friend! I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful, supportive, huge hearted person I can call My Wonderful
 Awesome Friend (a true friend). 
    I hated to open it. The package looked soooo beautiful! Thank You Linda 

Why does this mean such a great deal to me? Well it's very personal but I will share...

Well I have depression, I guess like most, but recently the depression was extremely bad... It almost won but what kept me going was not meds, not family but Linda and this painting!!

This painting is called Colors Of Life but for me it was HOPE. I was in that block hole. I knew that if I could just take it hour by hour, day by day it would get a little better. I would just have to fight and hang on. Not listen to it.

   Seeing this painting reminded me of this and what a beautiful life, a beautiful world can be at the other side if I just fight and feel the colors... I did... I have a wonderful, supportive, beautiful true friend in Linda and yes I do treasure this! True friends, ones that you KNOW you can count on, lean on & know they will be your friend years to come don't come around that often so yes I do treasure this friendship...

Linda is such a kind & giving person. If you know Linda you fully know what I mean. She will help anyone if they want help and guide them to succeed. Linda was a teacher and this is good because she knows great ways to get things through to me and she doesn't give up on you! She started a wonderful craft team. So those who would like to learn new things or to just improve they can. We have others to learn from and to have loyal support, just like Linda herself! It seems at times people who don't know her jump to conclusions and lash out. It's a shame because they are ruining what could be a great friendship with w wonderful and true friend.

So that is why this painting brought me to tears when I opened this beautiful package! The butterfly is even magnetic! I have to keep it out of arms length or my daughter will have it-lol

Please if you have friends that you value, as much as I do Linda, tell them... And if you would like to show them that they deserve the world- stop by LindaButterfly or LindaCaterpillar to get them something special THEY to will treasure. :o)

Here are just a few treasure anyone would 
feel special receiving:

These are from LindaButterfly - Where you will find: Greetings cards, other cards, bookmarks & mousemats. 

Here we have not only bright & colorful flower magnets for your refrigerator but magnets, like this Pegasus one, made 
from Linda's art too!
I love these magnets because not only are they extremely useful but Linda's creations really brightens my day and everyone who sees them loves them as well!

These are great at add a little something to a gift or an order going out! I love these new PoP Up Cards. Just look at the beautiful PoP Up Bird Art below...

There are even Cards with Gifts, like this one with a beautiful

If you would like a Greeting Card with a Magnet, there are some wonderful ones found here too. Like this one for the Cat lover...

These are a few special things from LindaCaterpillar-
 Eclectic art using acrylic, watercolor, photography, pencil & pastels.

 These are just two beautiful watercolor paintings you will see at LindaCaterpillar.  
  This beautiful watercolor painting of Garden Flowers 
as well as this stunning Evening watercolor painting are delivered in a 
clear cello plastic to keep it looking fresh and protected.
I have this beautiful watercolor of a deck on the water with a beautiful sunset by LindaCaterpillar on my refrigerator.

I loved it so much I bought one for my 
mom & aunt too!

This in one lovely acrylic painting. Not only are the colors popping but it's a part of history. The Australian Wildfire was tragic but one beauty came from it.

This acrylic painting of the Crashing Wave really shows the power the ocean can have.

These smaller ones are perfect to keep on the refrigerator, in your car, in your purse or anywhere. These are a perfect size to put inside a card to someone special or keep for yourself!

Everyone wants their White Picket Fence. Well here it is with cute flowers and all!

This is a wonderful, bright painting of Blue Bamboo!

This is a very beautiful one. I love the colors & the simple & clean look of it. Great painting of a Skeleton Leaf!

I hope you have enjoyed these few samples of what you will find in Linda's shops. Please stop by and see many beautiful and unique beauties for yourself... Thank You!