Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beautiful People in the World- WhatsHerName

I am so blessed to have beautiful people for friends!
Please meet Miss Gayle- WhatsHerName (you may already know how special she is).

Well about 2 years ago I had this woman ask me if I wanted to do a craft show at her church... I had been doing craft shows for a while now so I said yes... Great place and a good price! A few days after this email Gayle asked if I wanted to join an etsy team. Well being new to Etsy and the internet world I did not know what this meant. I thought Etsy was just a place to sell like ebay... BOY was I wrong- but in a good way :o)

Well I joined the team with Gayle and we quickly became friends. She showed me the ropes and opened up a whole new internet world me! The internet isn't just for selling. I found out you can promote in many places and make some really great friends! Gayle was the one who introduced me to another wonderful friend, LindaButterfly. Not only were we on 2 craft teams & do craft shows together but we are Twins! Yep, born on the same day!

NOT only do we have crafts, birthday and friendship in common but she has known parts of my family longer than I have-lol Gayle went to school with one of my cousins and is still friends with her and her parents! What a small wonderful world~

Gayle has a wonderful shop of this and that... It's a great shop to find those handmade things you didn't know you needed! What a catchy shop name- What's Her Name

Here is just a few special items from her shop:

I love the Hair Accessories... Yes I do have many. 

Yo Yo Hair Barrette-Ice Cream Theme

Daisy Days Flower Hair,Brooch/Pin or Magnet

I also love these Yo-Yo magnets. I have magnets on my refrigerator too.

Haven't you heard handmade is best! You can't get better than these handmade Sachet for the Dryer.

Time to pamper yourself with these relaxing Herbal Bath Salts with Rose Petals.

This is a great gift for all those over worked girlfriends. A relaxing Milk Bath
Tarts by me. See who thoughtful she is :o)

Check out these beautiful Butterfly Kisses Tags/Bookmarks

This Tropical Island Bookmark is perfect for any bookworm

There is even a card shop in this shop! Come visit Cards by Mitchell. Mitchell is Gayle's youngest son. He is such a nice guy and always willing to lend a hand.

Gayle even has a section called PIF's (Pass It Forward). See very giving person! Here are just a few PIF's 

Now if you didn't know Gayle from WhatsHerName before, You do now. So go visit her shop and tell me what you think... Enjoy and thank you for stopping by :o)



Valerie's Essentials said...

I love ya Gayle! I am so glad I met you and we became friends!

Anonymous said...

I'm so lucky to have a friend like you!!!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Fun post! I don't know how crafters managed before the internet. It is such a great place to network! Gayle's shop is adorable!