Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday To Momma

This year I decided to get pretties from my Friends Shops. After all Mom deserves the BEST and Handmade is the Best! There were about 2 more things that was send with my gifts for her but I couldn't find the pictures on their sites.

 Is mom going to have a great Birthday or What?! ~My Gifts from: LindaButterfly,  LindaCaterpillarWhatsHerName,  
AntiqueBasketLady,  TJBdesigns,  NothingButString

My Sisters B-day is coming up next... I plan on checking out Etsy, Artfire & some others then. I thank ya'll so much for helping me make mom's Birthday so special!

I can't wait until Saturday now!!


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Linda said...

This is totally marvelous. How many people have you made happy by your giving? So many! Such a fantastic idea.