Thursday, June 17, 2010

Awesome Team Feature BY Kelsilove

So, The person who won is no longer with the team, and same with the runner up, I have made a wonderful plan!
Everyone besides the two who left received one vote, except me, so I am going to do a mini feature on everyone else who entered! (This is why this post took forever).
Valerie -

This lady is quite a gal. She takes care of her tiny tikes at home, runs her shop, and is constantly in my news feed for facebook. Her trade of choice? Candles. Not just regular candles either. She makes themed candles. She is also not restricted by size, shape, or type.

Linda - &

Take a hop across the pond and now we have Linda! She has two shops on etsy and is a great explorer. She uses many different mediums and transforms her art into many different things. You can never find two things that look the same in either of her shops.

Dina -

Dina has only had 28 sales in her shop, but from what I can gather, she has probably made around or over $500.00. She makes GREAT jewelry from some of the best materials. Do your research; find what she makes somewhere else and compare prices. I'm sure that you will stick with Dina after that.

Susan -

This girl is crafty. You can give her yarn, or anything that is string-like, and she will make something out of it. She has her personality is all of her work and she always seems happy. Susan, you should use me for job references.

Donald -

I never have anything but good words for and about Donald. He is great at everything he does. He makes wonderful, amazing candles and he writes terrifically! Both of which, are very time consuming. He puts his heart into anything and everything he does.
I really hope that this makes up for the very late post! I also hope that everyone loves it!! :)
Have fun guys! Next challenge is weddings and romance and it is due at the end of July!