Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Come & Join the KnK 2 Challenge

Here is how it works~
1) Join Kaboodle.com~ Look me up or the styleboard (http://www.kaboodle.com/member/valerieessentials/styleboards/kit-kaboodle-shopping-challenge-2)

2) If you BUY from one of these shops Post the transaction # or e-mail me- kapaula1@bellsouth.net So I can remove the shop you bought from and REPLACE the space with an item in YOUR shop (if you are on Kaboodle)!

3) IF you do not have a shop let me know as well and I will advertise your Kaboodle page (or Blog) in the shop you bought from... There are still little kinks to work out but I would like to run these K&K's weekly.

4) IF you would like in on this please leave a post with your shops link or e-mail me... I have a list of shops written down!

5) Please enjoy & join in on the Challenge!

~Valerie (With the CIC Team)

*All Are Kaboodler's*:

AnnappleBonanza (Featuring Love Gel Clings Cards)
ArtisanGoodsByGayle (Featuring Wired Hoop Earrings with Gemstones)

BParkerHouse (Featuring Green dangle pierced earring)

ButterflyBabiesBoutique (Featuring Baby's Onesie)

CandleGuy821 (Featuring Grandma's Palm Wax Pillar Candle)
ElektraJewelry (Featuring Pearl Dangle Earrings)
Kelsilove (Featuring a Disc Necklace)
LindaButterfly (Featuring Flower Refrigerator Magnets)
NanasNikNaks (Featuring Magnetic Necklace by ValerieEssentials)