Sunday, October 3, 2010

This was such a great Blog I had to Share

Unique Business Cards

Unique business cards are a great way to get the "word" out to your customers. A friend and collaborator of mine,Lindabutterfly uses mini moo cards, a wonderful product which you see here.:
"I use Mini Moo cards as my unique business cards. Moo is a company linked to Flickr.
They were European based, but recently set up a USA store. I have my cards, postcards and mini cards printed by them.

Each mini moo card is different and uses my art and photography. There is plenty of room on the back for the free addition of my two shop urls and a 10% discount offer. I think that the mini Moos are better value than the Moo business cards!

When I send a package to a customer, first I take a photo of the package adorned with the business card. The photo is put into several Flickr groups, including one specifically for 'Etsy packaging'. This way, people get to see the business card.

I have, now and then stuck a small piece of sheet magnet on the reverse of the card; makes a good fridge magnet!"

I use for my business cards and invitations to shows and have been quite happy with their products. My card reflects the nature of my jewelry and designs which are very much influenced by my Greek background. Blue instead of white for the back gives the card extra pizazz.