Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oct 16th Craft Show 9-1 in Weddington, NC Lots to Do!

Next Craft Show-  Saturday- October 16th from 9-1,

Weddington Methodist Chruch at 13091 Providence Road, Weddington, NC
Come on By for LOTS of family fun!

Have fun while helping Battered Women & Schools!

I donate items to the Women's Shelter every year and this is a bonus to help those in need too!

ALSO every sale from Valerie's Essentials- Shop & Shows- a percent goes to help EndHaven Elementary School also!

With teachers being cut, school funds being cut and no books for my child in school- I am doing all I can but YOU can help too. 

You can buy any Valerie's Essential items with valid Box Tops, yes shipping too! Email me or bring the Box Tops with you and Buy, Buy Buy. Box Tops are worth .10 each! AND they really help the schools. 
Harris Teeter milk caps help also as well as linking your Vic card up to 5 schools- Endhaven in #5354

Thank you and hope to see you at the show!!

Standfield is next on November 13-14th.