Sunday, September 19, 2010

MY Beautiful Neckwarmer by KelsiLove

The other day Mrs. Postman (postwoman?) put an package in my mailbox. As soon as I got my shoes on I went outside to see who the package was for. It was for ME! I LOVE packages addressed to me!

So ya want to know what was inside when I opened it?
There in the package was a beautiful variated blue neckwarmer by KelsiLove also a valued member of our CIC Team! I LOVE it.

I took this beaty out of the package and had to squeeze and rub it. It was soft ans yes warm! So I came up with a great way to wear my new beauty warmer from KelsiLove~> Just look and see:

See the pretty variated blues!

YES it is warm but NOT bulky!

I really like the neckwarmer in my hair too!

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