Monday, April 5, 2010

~> Monday's Mega Finds <~

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Now for some Monday's MEGS Finds...
I hope you like them as much as I do!

First up this Merry Monday is a gifted CIC Member- SusanNeedleHands- Not just scarfs but oh so much more like Shawls, Bowls, recycling...

This is something that would be so nice on these cooler nights-

Look at these Beautiful Bowls. These would look wonderful on a table or anywhere!

Ever wonder what to do with those Cassette Tapes? Well SusanNeedleHands did!

And all these are at a wonderful price too! You may know SusanNeedleHands from Twitter or even her Blog

The next shop that had great deals was- ChristieCottage- Earrings, Trinket Boxes, Bags and More

I just fell in love with these earrings! The design and price!

These God Trinket Boxes are just the best! Really!!!

I WANT this bag... And I will have it... if it's in the shop at the end of the week 1/2 OFF!

All of these items and more can be found in ChristieCottage! You may know her from one of her many teams. This is a true Team player!

Last shop I got lost in... I just couldn't leave... So many goodies here!- AfricanSand- Candle Holders, Paper weights, SunCatchers and so much more!

This was one of my Favorites... Oh how I love pretty Candle Holders that are very well made!

Check out this beautiful and unique paperweight-

Check out this wonderful SunCatcher!

Yes you may know this crafter from Twitter and/or Face Book too!

Enjoy Mondays Mega Finds and fun polls coming tomorrow....!



Ivy9 / SusanNeedlehands said...

This isn't about the post per se, but I wanted to say I love your video about the different types of candles! That was great!

(Oh, and thanks for giving me and my shop a great write-up!)

Valerie's Essentials said...

Aw... Thanks so much Susan! and You are welcome!

Christie Cottage said...

Thank you very much!

I am following your blog now :-)

Ivy9 / SusanNeedlehands said...

Thanks Valerie, for the wonderful blog post. I appreciate the push!

Angela said...

Thank you Valerie, for the great promotion!!! This must be shared. Thanks again!