Thursday, August 20, 2009

FUNNY E-Mail From my sister!

This is just too funny! I was crying while reading this~ Enjoy...
Please tell me I'm not the only one with tooth fairy woo's. That is one role I can not seem to manage! I always forget! Thank goodness they know it's me so I get forgiven as long as I sneek in the goods at some point! I'm so bad at it! I do remember sometimes, but with Jackson I know atleast out of the 8 teeth he has lost I have been remembering at the last minute atleast half of those times. To the point even of him asking if he didn't get any money.... 'did u look good?' ... as i help him 'look' and discreetly drop something behind the top of his bed..... 'maybe your pillow pushed it off'..... or even more creative once..... did you look good.... snuck a piece of paper by the edge of his blanket/pillow... indicating a scavenger hunt in his room for the prize (of course quickly stuck in there as he was downstairs in the am and I remembered I forgot). and don't forget suddenly waking at 4 am paniked and fumbling for coins and sneaking them in hoping not to wake the early bird.

Well...... never before has daddy had anything to do with it..... BUT..... let's just say somehow Cooper raked up! Again, mommy forgot! He slept a little later this am and I was downstairs 8:00. I went up to make sure the ringer in the bedroom was still off (so I could enjoy a little more quiet time .. but J was up).. I met cooper in the hall and he suddenly remembered and said 'oh, i have to check something' ..... my eyes got hugh ' uh, I need you to first go tell Jackson you are up because he was trying to keep the phone from ringing and waking you. just let him know it's ok since you are up then you can come back up.' can you believe he bought that? so i go running crazy to hope to find some change upstairs to shove in there before he runs back up. I find 6 quarters and think hurray, and yes, a bit much but first tooth... whatever, hurry get it in his room. whew! did it!

Casually get back downstairs as he is fumbling in his room. He comes down smiling with a dollar bill and 6 quarters!
Either the tooth fairy visited or for once daddy saved me (but forgot to tell me) : )
Now he has lost another tooth... I wonder how much the tooth fairy gave him for that tooth~lol (Since they were just a few days apart from coming out).