Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Way to Help a School

This is one way my daughter's school raises $ for their school. The kids run as many 1/4 mile laps as they can in a certain amount of time. They are raising money for the school with fitness and awareness. Everyone who reaches a $10 a lap gets a Slingbag… Sounds cool BUTeven Cooler is they will also give a bag full of school stuff to a kid in Haiti- I thought that was Great! BUT it does NOT have to be $10 a lap from one pledge… It could be $1 a pledge for each lap from 10 people…

 That was cool that they are teaching the kids fitness and the act of helping others :o) With the donations last year the school was able to get Smart Boards. Most schools have had these but since Endhaven lost a lot of State help in 2008 (I think) we don't have a lot that some schools have- School Books, Gym stuff... 

So here is the link to help raise money for Endhaven Elementary School in Charlotte, NC http://FunRun.com/ IF you'd like to donate that would be GREAT. I KNOW times are hard for all, So I understand if you can't... Totally :o) Thanks In Advance The Access Code is- BTC-JVT

** I say Donate because last year I did $3 a lap… Doesn’t sound like a lot until your child runs over 25 laps! You do the math… But glad mom & dad missed the cut off date for donations-lol

I like this kind of Fund Raising because the way the Boosterthon crew does it is FUN for the parents and kids! The Boosterthon Crew is very organized and is Oh so energetic and fun! It’s healthy for the kids, the kids DO something for the donations, and they feel a great self accomplishment when they are done! I feel pride :o)

Boosterthon Fun Run

Ok I’m Done… If you would like to Donate that’s wonderful, if you can’t, I fully understand… And I know you’ll be wishing my daughter lots of laps-lol

Thank you to you all!