Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Well Do You Know January?

Cool Facts About January - With A Little Help From Some Handmade Crafty Creations

New Year Eve starts with a gathering of friends & family to celebrate the upcoming of the New Year

At Midnight, New Year's Day is brought in with a celebration of Fireworks, Family & Friends

On the first day of the New Year we all get to start off with a clean slate and Bright New Beginnings 

is too
(Brought to us by this Marbled Lucite/Aventurine Necklace by JoAnne79)

January is also known as the International Coffee Gourmet Month

January is also a National Book Blitz Month, so here's to keeping your place

Did you know January 13th is known for being the COLDEST month and day of the year!
(Brought to us by this Hand Knitted Newsboy Hat by Shelly6262)

I hope you enjoyed the facts about January. More can be found- 

Next month we will learn more about February! 



Linda said...

I am soooo ignorant! What a splendid idea for a blog post and many thanks Valerie for including one of my paintings.

Valerie's Essentials said...

Linda you are one of the brightest people I know... AND if you didn't know you research it... But I thought since we are all so different (cultures- Holidays...) This is a good way for me to explore and learn about what makes the world go round :o) See you ARE a great teacher... You have inspired me to learn again!

joanne79 said...

Thank you so much for including my Necklace! What a gorgeous, amazing blog! I'm sharing it!!

Tommye said...

What a great way to imprint those fun facts in our minds! Thanks for sharing.