Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oakboro, NC Parade on 12-2-10 Come Join the FUN!

Come and join in the fun Thursday, 12/2/10, at 7:00 pm at Oakboro, NC on the Main Street!

You have never seen a parade like this one before! However it will be one you will want to come back each year.

This is a float my uncle did with his friends. My uncle is a member of the Oakboro, NC museum. It is a wonderful place for family's to gather and enjoy the day. They are hoping to bring a railway similar to Harrisburg, NC's to Oakboro.

IF you are not familiar with the 7.5" gauge railroading here in a link to the one in Harrisburg, NC http://www.triadlivesteamers.org/ Great fun for all!

Stay in touch with Oakboro, NC here http://www.oakboro.com/Departments/museum.htm#railroad

AND YES you did see two train on these tracks going around on the float! Come check out this float & trains, as well as all the others in the parade. You can learn more about this project on one of the two big screens here... or watch Polar Express on the other!
You will NOT be disappointed!