Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Winners for the Fall Challenge! Did the one you voted for win?

September Fall Monthly Challenge WINNERS

We have two monthly challenge winners this month....
Linda and Donald both received the same number of votes!
It's a tie!! Hooray!!!

With the holiday season approaching, what could be better than buying handmade cards to send to your loved ones, and buying awesome smelling candles to light...well really whenever you wanted.

Here are some selections from Linda:

Aren't these cards just awesome? If I didn't use my Hello Kitty ones I would definitely buy cards from Linda.
Oh, and she has 2 shops:

Now to Donald. This man has awesome candles. I am always ranting and raving about them. I actually have a few (and I currently have one in my artfire shopping cart).

And the link to Donald's shop is:
Happy Fall!