Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So what's up and coming for me and ValerieEssentials?

Well since I just finished my last wedding order I now have ideas flooding my head!

I thought this might be good in a trio of oranges with a Holiday Pumpkin scent!

I thought about doing this pumpkin beauty in a Cinnamon Spice scent or a Pumpkin!

I'd like to make these in Oranges, Reds, Browns and Yellows with a Pumpkin Spice scent as well as other fall scents!

Of course if you have small votive candles you need matching tarts!

I LOVE this candle! I love the way it looks and how it travels so well too! I like to do this one in any color and in Cinnamon spice scents as well as light tropical scents like Bird of Paradise too!

I also have new molds for tarts such as Pumpkins, Christmas Trees and SnowMen! I can't wait to work with my new Christmas Tree scent and new colors!

This one is already listed in my mom's shop called NanasNikNaks on Etsy. I am also going to make a red, brown, orange, clear and yellow on for the fall season! I can't wait!

So now that you know what is up and coming keep checking back in or check my FaceBook page for more updates and my FaceBook fan page for my new candle creations!

I will have updates on my Twitter page too! 

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to share :o)


1 Comment:

Linda said...

You're not going to ask me to choose between all these fabulous ideas, I hope?
They all look wonderful!