Sunday, September 12, 2010

#2CIC Check out LindaButterfly's Blog- Google Instant Search

Google Instant search

I read a very interesting blog post from Gissur Simonarson 
about Google Instant Search. I "met" Gissur on Twitter a 
while back and his new company, GissiSim-consulting 

When you use the new Google Instant search, the results appear 
to show pages in the order you last updated. I began to type in 
LindaButterfly and when  I got this far,LindaButterf  
 Flickr, my most recently updates site, was top of the list. 
Then came my blog on MixxMade, which I updated just
 prior to Flickr yesterday, and thirdly my Etsy shop.

So I sent some tweets, played in my shop, updated my Facebook
 page, then redid the Google Instant search.

So, it seems that this Instant search lives up to its name, getting 
the most recent results to the top.
It does mean that one cannot be complacent about one's Etsy shop
for instance; if you want it up there at the top of the search, you need 
to update it in some way, daily.