Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby in a Baby Carriage

These finds were so much fun that it took me awhile to pick just 3! So, I picked 3 for here and made notes for myself on more!

First Comes Love- by VickiDianeDesigns

These dark burgundy earrings really caught my eye! I love round dangles and these would be perfect for anyone to give to their sweetie! or for yourself :o)

With Cupids arrow, moon and stars how could this miss filling love in ones heart! I really love the design and colors here!

Wow check out this wonderful bracelet! Just look at the beautiful colors and the different stones and arrangement of the circles! Yes that is a pair of earrings to match!

Yes this shop has it all! VickiDianeDesigns has the color, texture and unique gifts covered! Anyone would feel special and Loved after receiving anything from this shop!

You may also know this gifted crafter from Face Book or Twitter

Then Comes Marriage- By Kelsilove 
(a wonderful CIC Team Member)

These earring are perfect for the Bride with her hair pulled up showing off her long beautiful neck and her perfect wedding dress. Or a perfect gift for the brides maids!

What a perfect gift for the newly married couple! This picture says it all. Two becoming one... Forever and Ever... Amen (ok a little Randy Travis there-lol I love that song)

What is better than you and your new love spending time together by the fire or sitting on the swing on the deck with a warm cup of coffee, hot chocolate or cider.

Kelsilove had many great and unique gifts for that special couple or for you and your love!

Want to know more about this shop? Check out Kelsilove on her Blog, Twitter or Face Book and of course Collaborators2 etsy shop

Then Comes Baby in a Baby Carriage- by ButterflyBabiesBoutique
This is one of the most precious little things I found for a new addition to a family. Yes there are others and pink ones too! Just look at the price too- Great deal!

These are so cute... Little ones do not grow out of these as they do outer clothing. SO they can were these for a while and wouldn't they look too cute doing it! Awww. There are many to choose from also.

This little onesie says it all! But there are different sizes and sayings also. I just really took a liking to this one since I will have a new nephew in mid June. I thought one would be too cute in this!

If you don't know this shop... Find her here- ButterflyBabiesBoutique or here on Kaboodle

I hope you enjoyed my Finds for today... Tomorrow look for the Kaboodle Fun Polls!
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sandisue said...

The title did draw me in...very cute!
(BlackdogHandcraftedJewelry on ArtFire & MyLittleBlackdog on Etsy)

Valerie's Essentials said...

Thank you sandisue... You have a very nice shop!

Michelle said...

Love your choices and such a great theme!

Gaye Brownie said...

Thanks so much for posting some of my products.
Love your stuff! *Hugs* Gaye