Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Take A Look At These Tuesday's Finds

I really enjoyed finding great finds today! I found unique, color & items with a Cause!
Check these out!

My first shop is one known by many- he is a wonderful person inside &; out an awesome CIC Member too!~  CandleGuy821- This shop has candles with candles that really POP, with scent, color and texture at a great price!
This would be a great addition to anyroom. This is made with a wonderful yummy scent of cinnamon buns and made from palm wax which is soot-free like your soy candles... Just look at the unique texture of this was on these candles. Great for anyroom or great for a gift for your special someone!

Yes I LOVE plam wax! Look how wonderful this candle looks in this purple color! Perfect for any season and this scent will give of a clean, wake up and go scent. This is a candle that you can't go wrong with!

This is one of my favorite scents in candles. This scent is like a tropical light floral scent... This bright orange fits this scent perfectly! Did you know Palm Wax burns 2-3 times longer than the regular paraffin wax candles too! You really gets your moneys worth with this wax!

If you are not already following CandleGuy821 now you can~  Blog, Twitter & Facebook

The next shops I found some really nice unique pieces. When I like to find different pieces so if I wear it or promote it then asked where I found something like this... I can say proudly that I found the shop on-line through etsy, twitter, facebook, kaboodle or all of the above.

Here is my second shop that I found many unique and beautiful pieces- AngelWingGems- here you can find necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

This is a very affordable necklace as well as unique. I love this print and the detail on the beads on this necklace!

I love everything about this bracelet. I love the colors, the individual look of the beads and the fact that it is adjustable. This bracelet would go with any outfit!

I love all jewelry that supports a great cause! These wonderful earrings not only supports Breast Cancer Awareness but is very beautiful also! I LOVE these!

Yes you may know this crafter from Facebook

My last shop for this Tuesday is one I have been following for awhile now- Krishenka- This is a very unique shop with beautiful jewelry made with vintage buttons. I love different things.

I love this blue spiral ring. I love the teal looking baggetts! I bet my neighbor won't have this ring!

Ok one word- WoW! This is the perfect comb to put a little accent in your hair to show it off! this is just beautiful!

I worked in jewelry for over 10 years. I have never seen a pendant like this. This is just lovely. Put it with a shear ribbon or a thin silver chain, this pendabt will be the talk of the night!

You got it~ this shop is on Twitter

I hope you have enjoyed my Color Pop, Unique and Items With A Cause!
Fun Polls Coming Tomorrow... Which Will Be Your Favorite?


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Tommye said...

Wonderful shops, all!

I recently bought 2 candles from Donald and I love them!