Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Great Team

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the wonderful team I am on- Collaborators In Cahoots Team.
It is wonderful to know that people you care about and value have your back (as you do theirs) and are always there. They step up when you need help (craft-wise, team or as a friend). What special people I have with me on this team!
I use to think you put your craft items on etsy or ArtFire and that was it. I soon learned through a great friend (Gayle- WhatsHerName) that there was so much more! Thanks to Gayle I have been on 2 wonderful teams, sold in great craft shows & have met some amazing people (including her)

Here you will see great artists and crafters from all over the world! Our site is a friendly place for collaborating, chatting & promoting. Land & water may separate us but our crafts & compassion unite us.
Donald (CandleGuy) did this first avatar when out team paged was set up. We collaborated and with in a few hours he had it down in what was in our minds! WONDERFUL!

This one we use for our shops. It was a collaboration by Melissa (PromoPixie) and Olivia (OliviaOlivia). Is this great or what! Great minds think a like! And we have a lot of great minds!

Linda (LindaButterfly) started this group as a thread on etsy back in January 2009. We grew and grew. So we created a Team Page on ning and continued to grow. We are a true team in so many other ways!

We are all here to help (anyone, team member or not) and promote ourselves as one another. We do not judge but nudge one another to grow (in our craft, shops and ourselves).

Feel free to stop by and check us out. Page, Blog & Shop