Friday, April 17, 2009



How Do You Get Through The Heartache Of Loosing:

Someone Who You Love So Much And Who Loved You,

Someone Who Could Never Have Too Many Loved Ones In Her Home
(She Would Even Invite Others Fathers, Grandmothers And Friends, The More
The Merrier),

Someone Who Told Great Stories Of When She Was Younger
(About Her Family And How She Met The Love Of Her Life At The Square In
Downtown Statesville, NC,),

Someone Who Was A Dare Devil
(In Her Own Way, Traveling Across The US And To Other Countries, Riding In A Hot Air Balloon And Going Out To Sea In A Boat In The Florida Keys),

Someone Who Was So Honest, If You Didn’t Want To Know The Truth,
You’d Better Not Ask
(If She Told You She Had A ½ A Cup Of Coffee, But Remembered She Had ¼ A Cup, She’d Say “No, Now That’s A Lie…”),

Someone Who Would Do Anything She Could For You
(Even If She Couldn’t Drive, Walk or See Well),

Someone Who Always Put You And Your Needs Above Her Own
(If She Needed To Go To The Bathroom, She’d Let You Go First, If You Needed A Car, A Place To Stay Or Just A Sweet Potato Pie, She Was There),

Someone Who Made The Best Food And Taught Us How To Make It
(A Little Dab Here And A Little Pinch There),

Someone Who Never Got That Steak Biscuit From Bo Jangles
(Because They Didn’t Have One, But She Would Ask For One Every Time),
And Someone Who Ran Out Of Time Before Getting To Try That New Pork Chop Biscuit From Bo Jangles.

So, I Ask… HOW?

Valerie Altman



MySassyGlass said...

Do not be sad... she is still with you.

Your memories will keep her alive in your heart.

Valerie's Essentials said...

Thanks Susan... I know they always say Time Will Heal... Well it's been 2 years and I still miss her like crazy. But my daughter was born on the day they laid her to rest. I went in to labor the night after the Viewing and Ashlyn was born that morning at 9:20. So I never got to go to the Funeral. But I often wonder what she would have thought about Ashlyn. Before she passed she kept telling me to hurry and have this child. I kept telling her she wasn't due for another week. Goes to show u Grandma's know more (lol)